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"WALKTHROUGH PRO" Video, the future of sales.

First (agency) project ALWAYS FREE -

CALL 0785 5815152

Why does video matter? and why does

GOOD video matter more


Because phones, iPads, cableTV, Internet, ads on the bus, in a taxi, on the street. The estimate for 2023 was 19 hours watched per week , every where, by everyone!  

We have produced In excess of 500 property videos, working with some of the premier Real Estate Agencies in the USA - now we can do it for YOU with amazing pricing.

WALKTHROUGH PRO its not just shaky, cheesy, poor quality home made video - it's a  new "style opportunity" DONE PROPERLY.


  • WALKTHROUGH PRO launches with a customised 10 - 15 second agency "sting - scroll stopper"

  • Incorporates drone footage where available for overhead and fly-in views where possible

  • Includes property title and feature title template

  • Uses fully stabilised and produced content - covering every room, featuring Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom.

  • Incorporates titles to highlight key features

  • Includes music track 

  • Can include professional AI generated voice-over in place of music

  • Can include an agent introduction 

  • Can include an in video service ad if required

  • Plaidpix offers an outstanding comprehensive, cooperative approach to home sales marketing through extensive post production resources and expertise, at unheard of pricing.

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