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No longer prohibitively expensive.

We provide Matterport 3D Interactive tours, because they are the best on the market (however we can also provide Ricoh360 or any oath tour of your choice if preferred)

Our pricing makes them practical for even the smallest home, and makes a significant difference


Agency advertising advertising and highlight call outs WITHIN the tour ensure you guide prospect as they complete their "Virtual Visit"

Phone / headset based VR is also availiable



Complete property presentation service, with full post production capability to CLIENT specification

---York to Lincoln, Skegness to Scarborough, Hull & Grimsby ---

Matterport 3D House Tours -
   Transforming the Property Market For Estate Agents & Their Clients

Going virtual means going inclusive. The ability to browse the entire property has revolutionised how spaces are seen, allowing the potential buyer to navigate entirely self-sufficiently.

New, advanced Matterport 3D technology enables the viewing process to be embedded with complete transparency, allowing for informed decision-making and comprehension.

With each listing accurately portrayed, properties can be compared and contrasted distinctly, streamlining the competitive market into a browsing system that works for your clients.

Stronger visuals increase interest in a property, generating the chance to sell it at a higher price and in a shorter timeframe increasing profits.

Using our hybrid and cost-saving service, guarantees strong imagery and material for your real estate property listings, optimising your profit margin significantly with faster and more profitable sales, while also acting as a premium sales tool for new clients.

The adoption of 3D home tours heralds a transformative shift we are proud to embed, giving you and your clients a flexible and insightful real estate buying process.

Matterport 3D Home Tours in Grimsby 

PlaidPix in Grimsby works with estate agents to provide a premier full service presentation package for home sales, a comprehensive multi-faceted platform to enhance real estate property listings.

Estate agents demand premium quality imagery for clients to enable direct and complete insight into sales properties, Quality & comprehensive coverage furthers the chance of a quick and profitable sale.

Our service, innovative in the region, offers an unparalleled online experience with cutting-edge 3D tours supported with Ai powered walkthroughs, measured overhead views & "Doll-house views" provide a dynamic way for clients to view their next potential purchase.

Insight into every nook and cranny of the property. A comprehensive understanding of spatial layout, design aesthetics and property features, properties are seen with unmatched clarity, ensuring the opportunity to really evaluate and assess.

From the comfort of their own home, our 3D house tours allow clients to view in their own time, immersing themselves in a lifelike tour of their particular place of interest. We use the industry leading MATTERPORT system - the best viewing option, covering all aspects with quality visuals.

Guaranteed Immersion in
     Virtual Property Tours in Grimsby For Estate Agents & Their Clients

3D house tours are designed to give your clients real-life insight into a property, incorporating technology which generates accurate replicas, including:


  • HD Pix: High-definition visuals to create rich and lurid graphics.

  • VR Option: Quality technological advancement to make the experience feel realistic and vivid.

  • Measured Floor Plans: Accurate spatial details to provide a sense of scale and size, as well as an alternative plan showcasing the exact layout of the space with furniture in place as shown on the tour.

  • AI-Generated Walkthrough: Generated movement to demonstrate the layout and look of the space.

  • Innovative Advertising Within Tours: The tours themselves function as a space for direct marketing, offering the option to highlight the key features of the home, offer help to clients on how to use the system as well as advertise your agent and agency service within the wider material.

Contact Us For Comprehensive Cost-Saving Packages For Real Estate Imagery in Grimsby 

Virtual property tours are fast becoming a go-to way of trade for real estate. Fast, adaptable, accurate and depictive, the engrossing online experience acts as a route into the buying process that’s fully self-led. We provide a complimentary e-brochure alongside our service as part of our complete process, containing a comprehensive insight into the package and the property specifically. With this technology, you can give your clients control, manoeuvring and managing their browsing to increase their interest and the likelihood of a sale.  For further insight, advice and availability, get in touch with our experienced team to discuss how your property listings can be enhanced online in a market of visually-excelling Grimsby properties.

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