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Expert photo & video images - the difference is ££££££!

The difference between being seen and being noticed - excellent pix & video.

Simple, fast, low cost process for products, staged on your the premises or ours!

Staging, backdrops, table tops, lighting - a complete on-site package

with "live" review & full post production editing. 

Food, glorious food

Exceptional images to client specification WITH EASE!

You cook: we shoot! Enjoy business grows of 30% - 80% 

We complete the shoot at the table & in the kitchen, no need for

packaging, trying to keep fresh

or transporting to a studio, we bring the complete photo setup.

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Food photography WORKS!

PR, Advertising, Takeout menu...

...get it right, sell more & sell more profitably.

Stunning Images (PLUS VIDEO) gets noticed.

Plaidpix works fast, low cost and best of all, right in the restaurant, you make the food

deliver to the table in perfect condition and we shoot.



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